We render complete IPR solutions to our clients assisting them in identification, protection and commercialization of IP assets. For corporate and law firms, we offer customized engagement models at a competitive price in the following patent services:


A) Patent Analysis

a. Patentability Search

b. Infringement Search and Opinion

c. Validity Search and Opinion

d. Landscape and Competitive Analysis



B) Patent Preparation

a. Invention Disclosure Preparation

b. Provisional Application

c. Non- Provisional Application

d. Defensive Publication

e. Illustrations


C) Prosecution Services 

a. Office Action Response

b. Hearing/ Examiner Interview

c. Pre-grant/ Post-grant Opposition


E) Post Grant Services

a. Patent Annuity Payments

b. Restoration of Lapsed Patents

c. Registration of Assignments/Rights

d. Surrender of Patent

e. Filing Working of Patents

f. Handling Amendments After the Grant Date




D) Application Filing 

a. Provisional Filing

b. Non-Provisional Filing

c. PCT International Application

d. PCT National Phase Application

e. Paris Convention Application

f. Divisional Application

g. Continuation Application

h. Translations


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