Globally, Intellectual Property (IP) is being considered as means for enabling innovation and creativity for the benefit of all. Inventors work to build a tangible product from their ideas and we work to protect and commercialize intangible aspects of the ideas. The protection mitigates the possibilities of being getting exploited from copycats and empowers you to earn potential partnership opportunities and licensing revenues.

We can assist you in building an IP portfolio and cultivating commercial benefits from the ideas at different stages

1.  IP Discussion

We encourage inventors to discuss with us their concerns on IP issues. We hold these discussions as a part of our pro-bono activities. Call, meet or email us with your requirements and we will be pleased to assist you.

2.  Idea Validation

You are creating something new, improving an existing solution or re-inventing the wheel. At any instance, our team can evaluate patentability or infringement aspects of the ideas as well as identify potential areas of the research through landscape analysis.

3.  Type of IP Protection

What should I protect and how it should be protected? The question appears to be simple but answers depend not only on the type of business but on the objective of business. This requires a proper strategy and we are available to enable you to leverage IP for your business.

4.  Patent Application

What is the best solution for me: a provisional patent application or a non-provisional patent application? How can I draft these applications?Our team first evaluates the stage of the research work and then drafts the patent application.

5.  Filing and Prosecution

We act as your single interface to file and prosecute the patent application in US, Europe, China, Japan, India, South Korea and other jurisdictions through our network of foreign associates.   Our foreign associates, like us, understand the importance of limited financial resources of an inventor and offer best services at a highly competitive price.

6.  Commercialization

We offer innovative models enabling you to reap financial gains from your IP.

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